Definition of adapter in English:


(also adaptor)


  • 1A device for connecting pieces of equipment that cannot be connected directly.

    ‘the adapter converts the lens focal length to 5.5 mm’
    ‘a tube fixed to the cleaner by means of an adapter’
    • ‘The power adapter connector is placed rather unusually, along the center of the case, right above the base.’
    • ‘Anything electrical will require an adaptor plug for use overseas.’
    • ‘Limitations at the moment include it not supporting PC Card network adapters or USB broadband connections.’
    • ‘The adapter transfers that piece of data between the two programs, making sure it ends up in the right place.’
    • ‘With a boat, however, electricity is routed through a gauntlet of adapters and shore power connections that depend on friction to maintain contact.’
    • ‘In the latter case, there's also an option to run an audio input directly to your intercom, rather than using the adapter for your headset.’
    • ‘Gamers in North America can now battle each other online with the release of adapters to connect the Playstation2 to the internet…’
    • ‘It is an adaptor that converts the analog signal that is generated by your standard phone into a digital signal.’
    • ‘There's also a connector (and an adapter if you need it) for handling different types of monitors.’
    • ‘You need to connect a bluetooth adaptor to your phoneline, however.’
    • ‘You can buy an inexpensive adaptor for your equipment when you arrive in Hong Kong.’
    • ‘As mentioned earlier, there are two adapters to convert the DVI connections for standard VGA use.’
    • ‘I'd forgotten the plug adaptor for my laptop: a new one arrived at the door within 90 seconds.’
    • ‘The mobile radio telephone system includes a hand held unit, a cassette adapter, and a coupling unit.’
    • ‘Unpacking the box you find a plethora of connectors and adapters for what ever might float your boat.’
    • ‘You'll need a plastic PVC cap for one end of the pipe, and on the other end you'll need an adapter to convert the PVC pipe to a standard pipe thread.’
    • ‘If you're traveling abroad, make sure you take the correct electrical conversion adapters for your equipment.’
    • ‘Many service providers will provide you with the equipment that you need such as phone adapters and software.’
    • ‘This process uses slide-in connectors to offer the compatibility for the different connections without using adapters, which often take up un-needed room in your case.’
    • ‘But Middleton points out that most computers are now shipped with pre-installed Ethernet cards, and many can be connected with a plug-in adapter.’
    1. 1.1 A device for connecting several electric plugs to one socket.
      • ‘The overloaded adaptor was removed and John was asked to plug the toaster in safely.’
      • ‘One of the most common sights in some student accommodation is the use of a Multi-plug adaptor, which supplies electricity to several appliances’
      • ‘So picture me, kneeling on my bed, trying to jiggle loose this plug, which is plugged into a six-plug adapter.’
      • ‘A North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said the cause of the blaze was an overloaded electrical socket adapter.’
      • ‘If you use an adaptor ensure that you don’t overload the circuit by using heavy usage appliances together as you risk causing a fire.’
  • 2A person who adapts a text to make it suitable for filming, broadcasting, or the stage.

    • ‘His present-day position of film adapter of Italian films into English stems from this early period.’
    • ‘While the latter presented the plays with minimal trimming, An Age of Kings' adapter Eric Crozier cut the text into schedule-friendly 60 and 75 minute episodes.’
    • ‘Homer haunts the imaginations of countless poets, translators and adapters in English.’
    • ‘BBC Four presents a season of work this Christmas by the prolific BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning writer and adapter Andrew Davies.’
    • ‘When adapters approach source texts, he seems to suggest, they should assume that whatever is, is right.’
    • ‘Actor and dramatic writer and adaptor Rodney Ackland, is responsible for at least 30 plays and adaptations.’
    • ‘Nor does it demonstrate that only writers can escape the label of adapter, since there are several noted film adapters sanctified by the name of auteur.’
    • ‘Their relationship is perfectly told and both actors rise to the occasion served up to them by the original author and the adaptor.’
    • ‘As an adaptor, I was constantly thinking about this problem.’
    • ‘Clearly, credit is also due to Michael Fry, the adaptor and director, whose stagecraft and expertise in filling the stage with imaginary crowds and processions is almost beyond praise.’
    • ‘As with most programs adapted from true events, the adaptors took some dramatic license.’
    • ‘There are many traps that Shakespeare film adaptors can fall into - too noisy, too simplified, too much emoting, acting that fails to convey the words with meaning.’
    • ‘It did matter to the film adapters of his work; they often invented other murderers, different motivations.’
    • ‘The adapter / writer on this occasion was Giles Cooper, with Robert Banks Stewart producing.’
    • ‘In an effort to make a film more accessible to your average cinemagoer, adaptors make the mistake of changing the story too much and losing the point.’
    • ‘The book's adaptors were Spanish playwright Pablo Ley and English dramatist Allan Baker and the director was Josep Galindo of Spain.’
    • ‘He does what Graham Greene adapters rarely do… he captures Greene's sense of fate and coincidence.’
    • ‘Of course, the actor / adapters were working from a trio of somebody else's novels, rather than directly from their own imagination.’
    • ‘The plays are excellently staged by the adaptor and designed with frugal artistry, making an altogether satisfactory evening.’