Definition of ad infinitum in English:

ad infinitum


  • Again and again in the same way; forever:

    ‘registration is for seven years and may be renewed ad infinitum’
    • ‘It is their arrogance that guarantees their failures (or limited success) will repeat ad infinitum.’
    • ‘The good doctor says that if you print money ad infinitum, the market will go up and the dollar will go down.’
    forever, for ever and ever, evermore, always, for all time, till the end of time, in perpetuity
    perpetually, eternally, endlessly, interminably, unceasingly, unendingly, everlastingly
    for evermore, forever more
    in perpetuum
    until the cows come home, until the twelfth of never, until hell freezes over, until doomsday, until kingdom come
    for aye
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Latin, literally to infinity.


ad infinitum

/ˌad ɪnfɪˈnʌɪtəm/