Definition of ad hocery in English:

ad hocery

(also ad hockery)


mass nouninformal
  • The use of improvised measures rather than general long-term strategies.

    ‘today's problems are too urgent and complex to rely on ad hocery’
    • ‘This approach inevitably involves a certain amount of ad hocery.’
    • ‘The result of federal ad hocery was "see-saw" provincial social spending.’
    • ‘It really was a literary movement to some extent and then it gathered speed and artists came to it and they enjoyed the kind of rebelliousness of it, the ad hocery of it.’
    • ‘When does ad hocery and its results reach its limits and strategic planning become necessary?’
    • ‘They see explanation and prediction not as deductive exercises but rather as exercises in flexible ad hocery that require stitching together diverse sources of information.’
    expediency, exploitation, taking advantage, machiavellianism, manoeuvring, pragmatism, realism, unscrupulousness
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Late 19th century: from ad hoc + -ery.


ad hocery

/ad ˈhɒk(ə)ri/