Definition of ad factum praestandum in English:

ad factum praestandum

(also ad factum prestandum)


  • With reference to a court order, decree, etc.: such that a particular task or action must be performed. Later also occasionally (with reference to a legal action): in pursuit of a such an order. Now frequently in "order ad factum praestandum", "decree ad factum praestandum".


Late 17th century; earliest use found in George MacKenzie (?1638–1691), lawyer and politician. From post-classical Latin ad factum praestandum from classical Latin ad to + factum deed + praestandum, neuter gerundive of praestāre to present, show, to vouch for, take responsibility for.


ad factum praestandum

/ad ˌfaktəm prʌɪˈstandəm//ad ˌfaktəm priːˈstandəm/