Definition of ad blocking in English:

ad blocking


mass noun
  • The action or practice of using a special piece of software to prevent advertisements from appearing on a web page.

    ‘ad blocking is quickly becoming widespread’
    as modifier ‘users have ad-blocking extensions installed’
    • ‘A slew of ad-blocking apps are expected to launch this week.’
    • ‘The company specializes in helping websites deal with adblocking technology.’
    • ‘Ad-blocking tools should help web pages load much faster on mobiles.’
    • ‘I don't use adblocking on desktops but after playing with it on my phone I think it will stay on that device.’
    • ‘Publishers are scrambling to figure out what ad blocking is going to do their businesses.’
    • ‘The popularity of ad blocking software has grown substantially.’
    • ‘Different versions of the browser still support ad-blocking browser extensions.’
    • ‘The ad-blocking capability is controversial because it undercuts the advertising-based business models of much of the Internet.’
    • ‘It is now common that most people are agitated by ads popping here and there and are using ad blocking software.’
    • ‘The latest version of its operating system will enable ad blocking.’