Definition of acupoint in English:



  • Any of the supposed energy points on the body where acupuncture needles are inserted or manual pressure is applied during acupressure.

    • ‘Very fine needles are inserted into the acupoints, and generally only cause a slight prickling sensation.’
    • ‘Both acupoints belong to the traditional acupuncture points of bovine and equine systems.’
    • ‘In oriental medicine, it is well known that Zusanli is an acupoint related to stomach diseases.’
    • ‘Tradition dictates that the body has 365 acupoints, most of which have a specific function with respect to energy, so knowing just where to put those tiny needles is critical.’
    • ‘Previously, we found that there were different frequency responses when needling acupoints on different meridians.’
    • ‘There are seven primary chakras located along the spine that correspond to vital TCM acupoints.’
    • ‘For individual syndromes, additional acupoints were added to correct the deficiency of the relevant organs.’
    • ‘The ear is the only organ, says Nogier, that has acupoints for the anatomy of the entire body.’
    • ‘Acupuncture was used on selected points on the patients every second day and moxibustion was used on selected acupoints, also every second day, so that the patients effectively had a treatment every day.’
    • ‘Similar patterns are shown when needling acupoints on the same meridian.’
    • ‘Shou fa can be applied to particular areas, channels, acupoints or ashi points achieving similar results to acupuncture needles.’
    • ‘Instead of inserting needles into the sensitive acupoints, Jin Shen uses prolonged fingertip massage (usually for a period of several minutes) to produce the same calming and energy-redirecting effect.’
    • ‘Stimulating tongue acupoints could augment the neural pathways connected to the motor cortex and result in improvements in motor function.’
    • ‘Since these frequency effects may be linearly combined, one may then easily manipulate the acupuncture effect by combining different acupoints on different meridians to give a more specific treatment.’
    • ‘He developed the first acupuncture functional MRI technique to explore connections between acupoints and the brain.’
    • ‘It may be postulated that central, peripheral and segmental effects are involved when acupoints are stimulated by acupuncture in somatic segments related to the innervation of the ovaries and the uterus.’
    • ‘Selection of acupoints was based on the traditional Chinese medicine theory for treating the syndrome, which uses local and distal points on channels that transverse the area of pain.’
    • ‘The blood velocity at some acupoints on the human body surface was measured by laser-Doppler technique and herbs such as Panax ginseng were used to disturb the pressure pulse.’
    • ‘It sometimes happens that acupoints that need to be worked will be sore or have other odd sensations like cold, heat, numbness, etc.’
    • ‘There are around 500 acupoints on the body, of which 100 are most commonly used.’