Definition of acuminate in English:



  • (of a plant or animal structure, e.g. a leaf) tapering to a point.

    • ‘The orbicular-shaped mutant leaves are further characterized by the leaf apex, which is retuse in contrast to the acuminate apex of leaves of wild-type plants.’
    • ‘The radicle and plumule form a small subglobose unit, the embryonic axis, whose acuminate lower end extends into the micropyle.’
    • ‘Both the anterior and posterior rims of the pleurocoel are rounded rather than angular or acuminate.’
    • ‘In place of these, we analyzed timing of anthesis, presence or absence of seed wings and pistillate racemes, and prevalence of acuminate leaf apices and attenuate leaf bases.’
    • ‘The ventral and posterior margins form an acute angle of 70°, which offers an acuminate aspect.’
    sharp, spear-like, needle-like, spear-shaped, v-shaped, tapering, tapered, cone-shaped, conic, conical, acute, sharp-cornered, wedge-shaped, sharp-edged, edged, jagged, spiky, spiked, barbed
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Late 16th century: from late Latin acuminatus ‘pointed’, from acuminare ‘sharpen to a point’, from acuere ‘sharpen’ (see acute).