Definition of ACTU in English:



  • ‘ACTU says hundreds of thousands of workers are expected to take part in the week of protest’
    • ‘The ACTU's position is that it is not proposing industrial action but it is not ruling anything out.’
    • ‘Now the ACTU and the majority of union leaderships have given up any idea of tackling the Howard government's anti-union laws.’
    • ‘The ACTU eventually wake up to the fact that their position of influence in the aviation sector is under severe threat.’
    • ‘The ACTU campaign began last week with rallies in every state.’
    • ‘There was maneuvering to secure what little ACTU influence could still be salvaged in the sector.’
    • ‘The ACTU has been, it seems, reluctant to make much of airside union issues these days.’
    • ‘The government will say that the ACTU has passed a motion condemning criminal conduct so it should also condemn workers standing on a picket line refusing to let scabs in because that's criminal conduct.’
    • ‘It is worth remembering that the ACTU has already cost 6000 jobs through self interest.’
    • ‘The ACTU executive and the national leaderships of a lot of unions have moved heaven and earth to brush the case under the carpet.’
    • ‘They were in no way obligated to participate in the "unauthorised" stoppages because such action was contrary to the rules, procedures and decisions of the ACTU.’