Definition of actressy in English:



  • (of a woman) self-consciously theatrical or emotionally volatile.

    ‘her actressy manner’
    • ‘There are no actressy affectations, no gush about wanting to adopt her fellow actors because they're all just… ‘so incredibly divine’.’
    • ‘Other than that, she insists, ‘I have no big worries or actressy obsessions.’’
    • ‘I would guess she wears a size 10, but looks hale and healthy rather than actressy and neurotic.’
    • ‘Blanchett turns in another of her actressy strong-woman performances.’
    • ‘As she gets ready to portray a neurotic New Yorker, she displays all the usual actressy contradictions.’
    • ‘Graves is quietly incisive and commanding as the relatively humane Dr. Treves, but Burton is a trifle too actressy even for an actress portraying an actress.’
    • ‘There's nothing actressy or contrived about it.’
    • ‘She is quite actressy - that air of refined largesse - and also seems quintessentially English.’
    • ‘IT'S A very actressy thing to do, of course - just not a very Glasgow-in-November thing.’
    • ‘She was told that she would never work if she kept her natural speaking voice and so adopted the identikit RP actressy tones you hear from Smith and the like.’
    exaggerated, theatrical, ostentatious, stagy, showy, melodramatic, overacted, overdone, overripe, actorly, histrionic, affected, mannered, artificial, stilted, unreal, forced
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