Definition of actress in English:



  • 1A woman whose profession is acting on stage, in films, or on television.

    ‘she is one of the great actresses of her generation’
    • ‘Budding actors and actresses are being hunted by producers of a new movie due to be filmed in East Lancashire.’
    • ‘Delivering the monologues are six actresses, each portraying a different type of mother.’
    • ‘She wants to become an actress and attends auditions in a state of nervous euphoria.’
    • ‘She wants to be a dancer, an actress, a West-end star, but for now she serves me my burger and fries.’
    • ‘She was a rising actress married to the scriptwriter and trombone player Bentley.’
    • ‘Top actors or actresses are making millions of pounds for each film, much more than a footballer earns.’
    • ‘Each one of the actors and actresses assuming the roles of the cats are tremendously talented singers and dancers.’
    • ‘The playwright and the actress divorced in the month when The Misfits was released.’
    • ‘Jamie was so excited about New York because a lot of her favorite actors and actresses have been there.’
    • ‘She may not have been a great actress but she was a star and she had it all.’
    • ‘She was a singer not an actress, but we did a reading and I saw she could listen and make adjustments.’
    • ‘The girl in question went on to have a successful career as a comedy actress, in both television and film.’
    • ‘A theatre company is encouraging a new breed of actors and actresses to take to the stage.’
    • ‘His father was a house painter and his mother Elenora Duse was related to a famous actress.’
    • ‘She said Lola would be a tough part to cast as there are many good actresses in the drama club.’
    • ‘I always wanted to be famous, whether it be a pop star or an actress in theatre.’
    • ‘I've done quite a number of roles which would be dream roles for other actresses.’
    • ‘There are some fringe benefits to being an actress and one of those is meeting all those co-stars.’
    • ‘It started with lots of great singing and dancing from some very talented actors and actresses.’
    • ‘The talents of actors and actresses have contributed much towards the artistic power of the film.’
    actor, performer, player, trouper, theatrical, dramatic artist, thespian, member of the cast, artist, artiste
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    1. 1.1 A woman who behaves in a way that is not genuine.
      ‘I became a very good actress and they nearly always believed me’


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