Definition of actively in English:



  • 1In a deliberate and positive way.

    ‘the company is actively looking for a buyer’
    • ‘He has been actively engaged in the research efforts concerning water quality, manure management, and soil carbon measurement techniques.’
    • ‘It was one of the first businesses in the state to actively promote the unattended fueling site.’
    • ‘These are just a few examples of how some countries are actively pursuing organics in their export strategy.’
    • ‘Participants can interact with agribusiness officials who are actively pursuing business ventures using electronic commerce.’
    • ‘Most businesses actively try to enhance the commitment or loyalty of customers to their products.’
    • ‘Instructors actively recruit students who would benefit from the experience, allowing for lead time to raise the funds required for travel.’
    • ‘By 1915, they were actively engaged in applying Cubist principles to photography.’
    • ‘The company has been actively working with its customers and resellers who may have planted or resold this variety.’
    • ‘You'll need to actively recruit outside your usual circles.’
    • ‘We engage students in actively developing their ability and desire to analyze, evaluate, and communicate complex material and positions.’
  • 2In an energetic or vigorous way.

    ‘they were actively engaged in supporting the war effort’
    ‘actively growing weeds’
    • ‘Lately, this digital resource has been moving actively and successfully into library consortium sales.’
    • ‘Treatment may be warranted if the insects are actively feeding and defoliation is expected to increase.’
    • ‘The current threshold for late vegetative beans with actively increasing aphid populations is 250 aphids per plant.’
    • ‘The pathogen attacks actively growing portions of the plant.’
    • ‘Criteria for such a warning include the visibility of the threat, how actively it is being exploited, and the risk to national security.’
    • ‘Imaging reveals that the highest sucrose levels are found in the most actively expanding cells.’
    • ‘Actively managing soil compaction can save growers tillage costs.’
    • ‘After six weeks, the cultures were actively producing 50-70 mg of tissue.’
    • ‘One of the special guests selected from among the participants was an information consultant who contributed actively to the discussions.’
    • ‘The need to deal with information overload is immediate, which is why the text extraction model is being so actively pursued.’