Definition of action stations in English:

action stations

plural noun

  • The positions taken up by military personnel in preparation for action (often as a command or signal to prepare for action)

    ‘Copland ordered action stations at midnight’
    • ‘Then on the day the Royal Marines were landed we were called to action stations and no one said it was an exercise.’
    • ‘She's in love with the way her brain feels when it's called to action stations.’
    • ‘And, when the norovirus strikes, it's action stations.’
    • ‘Even before they were through the Heads of Port Jackson, sailors were at action stations clad in bullet proof vests and manning .50 calibre and 40 calibre guns.’
    • ‘As soon as the crew gets a shout, it is action stations.’
    • ‘Onboard Stuart, CMDR Spedding had brought the ship to action stations and raised the surface warning to Red at the instant of the first attack on ABOT.’
    • ‘We were at action stations when we heard a hell of a row coming from the starboard side.’
    • ‘During the exercise, Edinburgh had the opportunity to practise action stations and air defence, anti-submarine and boarding capabilities, culminating in a high seas live firing.’
    • ‘He worked as a First Class Stoker in the boiler room, switching to loading ammunition magazines when on action stations.’
    • ‘Peter, from Plymouth, was the only member of the ship's company not at action stations at the time.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before we hit the port, and after a relaxing ride, it was action stations again.’
    • ‘Simultaneously it will teach personnel in action stations and C & C centers how to employ weapons and use ships' combat ruggedness equipment in accordance with a single concept and plan.’
    • ‘In 1944-5 in the North Sea, heading for a reported E-boat contact at action stations, a quick Marxist response would be, ‘Keep your head down.’’
    • ‘It is significant that the cabin containing the barber surgeon's chest was situated on the main gundeck, close to action stations.’
    • ‘Fuller recalls being at action stations in the aft magazine when the first air strike hit the ship: ‘There was a loud bang, and I thought we had just opened fire, but I was wrong.’’
    • ‘One of most tense occasions was being called to action stations at lunchtime on March 20, when the country started to fire missiles into its neighbour.’
    • ‘Once offensive operations had moved northwards, Sir Percivale loaded up 240 pallets of humanitarian aid and made a transit of the waterway, at action stations and accompanied by a minesweeper.’
    • ‘But today, with the night spent on action stations, the men move to their respective dining halls.’
    • ‘Recommend all unit commands go to Combat Alert status and prep action stations.’
    • ‘At the moment, however, it's action stations for the summer camps, with four running in 2003.’


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