Definition of action figure in English:

action figure


  • A doll representing a character known for vigorous activity, such as a soldier or superhero.

    • ‘I had the Spidey PJs, the action figure, the watch.’
    • ‘Everyone feels that they've been there, done that, bought the action figure and worn the T-shirt.’
    • ‘$7500 is probably too much for a custom action figure, because I need more than one.’
    • ‘Being an action figure made me laugh at first because an icon was so far from the world I'd been living in in England.’
    • ‘If none of this appeals to you, you can even shell out for a custom-made action figure of yourself.’
    • ‘The CGI version of him looks more like a plastic action figure than a human being.’
    • ‘The action figure is, of course, simply a plastic doll but, to the child who plays endlessly with it, it represents a great deal more.’
    • ‘The Welsh actor is thrilled his latest movie character has been turned into an action figure - because he collected them as a child.’
    • ‘Receive a tiny action figure of famous bad guys throughout history with every purchase: Collect Them All!’
    • ‘For just $3, you get a camouflage-iced cupcake with a free action figure.’
    • ‘I mean, this guy once had his own action figure (my little brother owned it).’
    • ‘That action figure's plastic is loaded with toxic PVC phthalates.’
    • ‘Despite its billing as an action figure to pair up with my GI Joes, it was obviously not made to be a soldier.’
    • ‘Introduced in 1964, GI Joe was the first action figure and proved that companies could sell dolls to boys, so long as they called them something else.’
    • ‘By the mid-80s, he was one of the biggest personalities in WWF, fighting Hogan, acting in films and on TV, and with a miniature action figure in his image.’
    • ‘So is he ready for a plastic action figure to be made in his likeness?’
    • ‘Why were the major media so quick to disseminate pictures of an action figure as a genuine hostage photo?’
    • ‘From an astrological perspective, it's a perfect time to order a custom-made action figure that looks and talks like you.’
    • ‘I'm 21 years old, I live with my parents and I have my own action figure.’
    • ‘Dropping the sandwich, she shoved her chair back so forcefully that it nearly toppled over and strode over to where Kent was playing on the floor with his action figure.’


action figure