Definition of action at a distance in English:

action at a distance


  • The exertion of force by one body on another separated from the first by empty space.

    • ‘In short, the quantum description of the fundamental forces is designed to do away with action at a distance.’
    • ‘Our universe didn't have to be this way: it could have been action at a distance, instantaneous transformer of information, etc.’
    • ‘These fundamental papers put forward the case for action at a distance between electrical charges in a similar way as Newton's theory of gravitation was based on action at a distance between masses.’
    • ‘Of the quantum entanglement phenomena that Einstein described as ‘spooky action at a distance,’ quantum holography may be the spookiest to date.’
    • ‘The Continental scientists certainly did not accept the idea of action at a distance and continued to believe in Descartes' vortex theory where forces work through contact.’