Definition of actable in English:



  • See act

    • ‘By 1825, when his translations of altogether ten plays had been augmented by P. F. Wulff, Denmark and Norway had a partial Shakespeare, heavily weighted towards tragedies and histories but both readable and actable.’
    • ‘Sophocles writes glorious poetry and poetic prose to which Frank McGuinness's translation does splendid, actable justice.’
    • ‘Ellen McLaughlin's version is both literate and actable, if a bit overinfused with contemporary antiwar relevance.’
    • ‘Heaney has not only come up with a superbly actable text; he clearly realises that the play offers a genuinely Hegelian dialectic between the individual and the state.’
    • ‘Out of such help and hindrances, a lesser but more disciplined dramatist could have fashioned a perfectly actable play.’