Definition of across the Tasman in English:

across the Tasman


NZ, Australian
  • In or to Australia or New Zealand, depending on the speaker's location.

    ‘aviation analysts are expecting a price war across the Tasman’
    ‘many discussions take place with our neighbours across the Tasman’
    • ‘Across the Tasman, the New Zealand Greens are causing a stir on another pivotal issue: genetic engineering.’
    • ‘The company has brushed aside speculation that its contract with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia is in trouble, saying all is well across the Tasman.’
    • ‘If they want to get ahead, they should look across the Tasman.’
    • ‘While most bands head across the Tasman to Australia when they want to make the big move out of NZ, The D4 picked Japan as their destination.’
    • ‘Those Kiwis and potential immigrants who are disillusioned by the situation here in NZ might consider a quick hop across the Tasman.’