Definition of acrimoniously in English:



  • See acrimonious

    • ‘Last week, the society vigorously defended its record on complaints, insisting only 0.4% of its dealings with the public ended acrimoniously.’
    • ‘But by 2001, she had failed to win a seat in the Australian federal Senate and her party broke up acrimoniously amid allegations of wrongdoing and internal bickering.’
    • ‘The courts will decide if the allegations are true, but one thing is certain: working for a celebrity can be more lucrative than marrying one, especially when it all ends acrimoniously.’
    • ‘They parted acrimoniously nine months after the birth of their daughter, Emma, and ended up in court fighting for custody (they were awarded it jointly).’
    • ‘But the relationship ended acrimoniously in 1992, and H took all the money and property, leaving her partner penniless.’