Definition of acoustic impedance in English:

acoustic impedance


  • The ratio of the pressure over an imaginary surface in a sound wave to the rate of particle flow across the surface.

    • ‘From the acquired measurements of sound speed and acoustic impedance, the important physical properties of in situ density and adiabatic compressibility could be calculated.’
    • ‘The harmless waves are aimed at the part to be examined, and reflections are detected from tissue components in proportion to their acoustic impedance.’
    • ‘Signal processing procedures have been developed that estimate acoustic impedance and compressional wave attenuation with depth beneath the sea floor.’
    • ‘These invariably cause seismic waveform scattering and degeneration as a result of factors such as surface geometry and acoustic impedance contrasts through the lavas.’
    • ‘Dipping energy of the strength portrayed by the ILP lines must represent parallel layers of contrasting acoustic impedance.’