Definition of ACOSS in English:



  • ‘ACOSS released a report slamming the performance of employment assistance services’
    • ‘Using the number of jobless people, who are frequently reliant on social security payments, ACOSS estimates around two million people are living in poverty in Australia.’
    • ‘The number of children from low income earners who attend university is only 15 percent, according to ACOSS.’
    • ‘ACOSS is doing something reasonably similar on their site with their Action Network.’
    • ‘The ACOSS report sheds new light on the mounting levels of homelessness over the past three years.’
    • ‘The analysis ACOSS conducted shows seven tax loopholes which benefit only high-income Australians.’
    • ‘ACOSS says the community services sector is worth 20 billion dollars each year, yet has been poorly served by traditional banks.’
    • ‘ACOSS is calling on all Australians to use its online Action Network to write to their local member of parliament about these welfare changes.’
    • ‘ACOSS argues that they should also be appropriate to those on low incomes.’
    • ‘ACOSS says Capital Gains Tax cuts favour the rich.’
    • ‘There was some ambiguity about whether or not ACOSS received government support.’