Definition of Acmeism in English:



  • See Acmeist

    • ‘All items in this collection are connected with Symbolism, Acmeism, Futurism, and other movements of the aesthetic revival in Russia which began around 1890.’
    • ‘In 1911 she joined the Guild of Poets, the founders of Russian Acmeism, along with Gumilev and Mandelstam.’
    • ‘Anna Akhmatova wrote during the Silver Age or Russian Literature, subscribing to the school of Acmeism, founded by her first husband, Nikolai Gumilev.’
    • ‘Perhaps even less unified than Acmeism, Futurism sought to provoke and outrage.’
    • ‘The founder and leader of Acmeism, a modernist poetic school of the second decade of the last century, Gumilev drew on many Western models, particularly French ones.’