Definition of acknowledged in English:



  • 1Recognized as being good or important.

    ‘he's an acknowledged expert in the field’
    ‘an acknowledged comedy genius’
    • ‘At the same time, rising prices for the generally acknowledged masters have placed them well beyond the range of the casual buyer.’
    • ‘She is recognised for her holistic commitment to an architectural vision through teaching and practice, as well her acknowledged expertise in areas such as the work of Alvar Aalto.’
    • ‘Despite being the acknowledged leader of contemporary German realism Leibl had a greater reputation in France where he regularly exhibited at the Paris Salon.’
    • ‘These paintings clearly have precedence in date to the first abstracts of such acknowledged pioneers as Dove, Kandinsky, and Kupka.’
    • ‘Suspense, of which Hitchcock remains the acknowledged master, is merely the form of cinema that focuses most self-consciously on this general truth of cinematic experience.’
    • ‘The acknowledged master of chiaroscuro was, of course, Rembrandt.’
    • ‘An acknowledged Paris expert, she is also the author of the Paris Entry to the Encarta Encylopaedia and contributes to radio, television and magazines.’
    • ‘Crowd scenes were always important in early cinema and Capra is an acknowledged master of this form of narrative technique.’
    • ‘She is the sport's acknowledged New Zealand expert in terms of statistics, records and champions.’
    • ‘Joe Donnelly's greatest love is twentieth-century design and the decorative arts, on which he is an acknowledged authority.’
    1. 1.1 Admitted or accepted as true, valid, or legitimate.
      ‘Prince Louis's acknowledged heir’
      • ‘Coverage of gender equality and equity issues is an important and integral part of the media's acknowledged role as a watchdog of society.’
      • ‘The Ramblers Association is the acknowledged representative of all walkers in Great Britain - urban and rural, energetic and slow, old and young.’
      • ‘A law was passed in 1911 to make Charlotte Prince Louis' acknowledged heir and a member of the royal family.’
      • ‘Arbitrariness in land acquisition for the project is a widely acknowledged fact.’
      • ‘Significantly lower antibiotic use by walk-in centres may reflect acknowledged difficulties identifying patients who will benefit from antibiotics.’
      • ‘To help with paperwork, grading, and simple communication among teachers and students, computers have an acknowledged place.’
      • ‘As handsets improve and wireless data networks grow faster, it's a generally acknowledged fact that the market for mobile gaming will grow to become massive before the end of the decade.’
      • ‘This is abundantly declared in their official documents and by their acknowledged representatives.’
      • ‘Many top Russian officials have publicly acknowledged roles in private or state-run businesses.’
      • ‘It is an acknowledged fact that parents, especially mothers, play a very important role in a dancer's life.’