Definition of acidly in English:



  • With bitterness or sarcasm:

    ‘‘Is it up to you to make that decision?’ she asked acidly’
    • ‘‘You're so proud of your brains,’ Fanny said acidly.’
    • ‘‘I hope you two are happy with yourselves,’ I spat acidly.’
    • ‘‘Glad I've brightened someone's day then,’ I answered acidly, and let him in.’
    • ‘He doesn't like public attention and responds acidly to all forms of commendation.’
    • ‘No other profession has been so acidly ridiculed and at the same time so hotly envied as the legal profession.’
    • ‘His latest collection is an acidly funny series of stories tracing the brutal youth of Jonny, a fat, asthmatic, diabetic pariah.’
    • ‘That year, at the height of his hermetic glory, he released an album, brilliant and acidly political, called ‘Punch The Clock,’ which contained the single ‘Shipbuilding.’’
    • ‘Even the marks made by the tyre tread are now considered as modern art,’ he says acidly.’
    • ‘‘I might say the same of you,’ Banks pointed out acidly.’
    • ‘She smiled acidly at the figure, gritting her teeth.’
    • ‘‘Oh yes,’ said Kate acidly, ‘and they've done it by putting thousands of shops like this out of business.’’
    • ‘Writing in a recent issue of The American Educator, a college professor acidly described a class of incoming freshmen.’
    • ‘She pours bile on him in print and he responds acidly when journalists relay her comments.’
    • ‘Even though many circulars had been sent out and the public meeting had been well advertised, the councillors acidly noted that the decision would not stop the public complaining that ‘nothing ever happens in Barlick’.’
    • ‘Though much of what Stewart and his cronies say about the press is acidly contemptuous, even this plays to the bottomless narcissism of many journalists.’
    • ‘When I'm pitching a fit, she'll fight me, but when I'm calmly angry and acidly articulate she knows not to push it.’
    • ‘‘She traded most of the old sexual teasing for social commentary, and she's no Lennon, friends,’ the LA Times commented acidly.’
    • ‘In a brilliantly wry and acidly accurate mini short story he demonstrates the shocking swerving from honesty and truth by the government.’
    • ‘You never cared about anyone else - including me,’ he said acidly.’
    • ‘She smiled acidly at the road and then glanced at him.’