Definition of acid salt in English:

acid salt


  • A salt formed by incomplete replacement of the hydrogen of an acid, e.g. potassium hydrogen sulphate (KHSO₄).

    • ‘Tartaric acid is of even further interest because its potassium acid salt, potassium tartrate or cream of tartar, while being moderately soluble in grape juice, is only partially soluble in alcoholic solutions such as wine.’
    • ‘Aspartic acid salts may improve aerobic endurance - perhaps by sparing muscle glycogen utilization.’
    • ‘Soap is a unique substance of potassium fatty acid salts, produced through a chemical reaction called saponification.’
    • ‘Berberine hemi-sulphate is an acid salt of the alkaloid berberine, which has been used supposedly to confirm the presence of suberin in plant roots.’
    • ‘If hyaluronic acid salt is placed in a U-tube and gentle pressure is applied to one arm of the tube, a potential develops across the arms of the tube’


acid salt