Definition of acid jazz in English:

acid jazz


mass noun
  • A kind of popular dance music incorporating elements of jazz, funk, soul, and hip-hop.

    as modifier ‘the acid jazz scene in Chicago’
    • ‘In the beginning of the '90s, I was doing techno, house, acid jazz, breakbeat and, yes, even trance.’
    • ‘It makes for a fusion of acid jazz, hip-hop and a touch of soul which induces the laid-back appeal of the West coast.’
    • ‘From swing, acid jazz and bossa nova to hip hop and jazz rock, the music sometimes has a 1940s sound, while at other times it seems extremely modern.’
    • ‘It's an inventive, cinematic exploration of hip-hop, its party-girl cousin trip hop, acid jazz and retro funk grooves.’
    • ‘It was too long, and the music was bland acid jazz.’
    • ‘Just listen to a hypnotic, regular, repetitively rhythmic music - acid jazz or progressive trance or such.’
    • ‘The music is soft, annoying ambient / acid jazz garbage designed to give the restaurant an element of ‘space.’’
    • ‘I think a lot of those guys in England were playing acid jazz before they were playing funk, and that's definitely a handicap..’
    • ‘Music runs from funky flamenco to lively acid jazz, and the sheer glamour of the design will make you think you're in a movie.’
    • ‘The disc is full of salsa, trip-hop, acid jazz, calypso and reggae beats.’
    • ‘Officially, it's known as live progressive breakbeat house, but there are also elements of drum ‘n bass, ambient, dub, trip hop, acid jazz and so on.’
    • ‘Thursday night is one of its better party nights, complete with big break beats mixed with acid jazz.’
    • ‘Everything from tribal sounds, acid jazz, trip hop, and drone rock can be heard throughout the three albums.’
    • ‘This San Francisco quartet has been making tidal waves in the West Coast acid jazz scene for years.’
    • ‘In the past the group has attempted to crossover from the doggedly hardcore acid jazz scene to a more mainstream audience; augmenting their sound with horns, big name soul vocalists, lush strings and complicated production.’
    • ‘In each case, the female vocalist is up front, and the bed of multiplicitous beats incorporates downtempo, acid jazz, nu jazz and house.’
    • ‘In fact, this stylish bar is positively designed for conversation, with low key house music or acid jazz gently playing in the background and large 1960s-style booths to encourage small groups to combine into larger ones.’
    • ‘The birth in 1987 of acid jazz marked another peak in the history of British jazz; the early Nineties saw another low as jazz was again branded seriously un-cool.’
    • ‘The band is one of the most evident representatives of British acid jazz, combining elements of jazz, funk and Brazilian samba, but they do not have a regular line-up of members.’
    • ‘I listen to a whole range of things, from house to garage to acid jazz and traditional jazz, especially John Coltrane and Miles Davis.’


Apparently coined from acid house and popularized by the Acid Jazz record label founded in 1988.


acid jazz