Definition of acid-fast in English:



  • Denoting bacteria that cannot be decolorized by an acid after staining, which is characteristic of the mycobacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy.

    • ‘In all patients with suspected active disease, three sputum samples for mycobacterial acid-fast stain examination and Mycobacterium tuberculosis cultures should be collected on each of three consecutive days.’
    • ‘Special stains were negative for acid-fast bacilli, fungal forms, Pneumocystis, and other bacteria.’
    • ‘Special stains for fungus and acid-fast bacteria are negative, although culture is the more definitive diagnostic test.’
    • ‘Cultures of right and left lung tissues were obtained for bacteria, acid-fast bacilli, and fungi.’
    • ‘Stains and cultures of bronchial washings were negative for Pneumocystis, acid-fast bacilli, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.’