Definition of achromat in English:



  • A lens that transmits light without separating it into constituent colours.

    • ‘The long focus achromat is certainly not portable but it does give superb images at a reasonable cost.’
    • ‘Since my old box contains the mbs - 10, it is time to compare its lens to some available achromats and some closeup lenses lying around in my cupboard.’
    • ‘Fluorite objectives also have better resolving power than achromats and provide a higher degree of contrast, making them better suited than achromats for color photomicrography in white light.’
    • ‘The two-element lenses used in today's achromats greatly reduce the chromatic aberration.’
    • ‘But labels can be misleading; just as there are better quality achromats, not all apochromats are created equal.’
    • ‘Quartz-sapphire and quartz-lanthanum fluoride achromats provide better performance.’
    • ‘This high quality fully coated achromat with a focal ratio of f / 9 is compact for a 203 mm and weighs only 44 lbs and is supplied with high quality hinged mounting rings.’