Definition of Achinese in English:



  • 1A member of a people living in northern Sumatra.

    • ‘Forty years on, the poem's appeal was still strong enough to hearten the Achinese in their next struggle, against the invaders.’
    • ‘It was rebuilt when the Achinese were eventually defeated but was finally destroyed when the Dutch captured Malacca in 1641.’
    • ‘He announced a victory for the Portuguese over the Achinese in a battle which was taking place hundreds of miles away, while he was preaching in the chapel of Our Lady of the Hill, on St Paul's hill.’
    • ‘The Achinese installed his son as Sultan Muzaffah Shah and he rebuilt Kota Batu, ringing its walls with cannon.’
  • 2mass noun The Indonesian language of the Achinese.

    • ‘The next largest group consists of Achinese and Gayo, spoken in northern Sumatra; the Batak languages and Minangkabau, in central Sumatra; the Lampung languages, in southern Sumatra; and Malay, along the east coast of Sumatra, in West Malaysia, in southern Thailand, and along the coast of Borneo.’
    • ‘By the way, Achinese and Balinese also possess a retroflex voiceless stop.’
    • ‘The language limit has expanded from 43 languages to a seemingly infinite number of languages, from Achinese to Zuni.’


  • Relating to the Achinese or their language.

    • ‘Due to its close proximity to Thailand, some of these traditions are Thai in influence and origin, and faces of Kehah's people often bear signs of Thai or Achinese ancestry.’
    • ‘Discussions regarding the future shape of Achinese politics must resume.’
    • ‘Our company has been providing America with superb quality, fast turnaround Achinese translations since 1998.’
    • ‘Islam's penetration of Minangkabau by way of the Achinese west coast of Sumatra was far advanced by the beginning of the 17th century.’
    • ‘The palace was seized and shortly afterward the Achinese sultan died.’


From Acheh, Atjeh, a territory in northern Sumatra, + -n- + -ese.