Definition of achimenes in English:



  • A Central American plant with tubular or trumpet-shaped flowers.

    • ‘'Double Blue' is a rare variety of Achimenes, a delightful, long-flowering plant also known as Cupid's Bower.’
    • ‘We have trialed a number of achimenes for winter hardiness and are always thrilled when we find another cultivar to add to our list.’
    • ‘It is the 7th of September and my achimenes is still in full bloom.’
    • ‘The easiest bulb is achimenes—which is actually a rhizome and so can safely be laid on its side.’
    • ‘Over the years I've often been tempted to try Achimenes, but having never seen them grown locally, I'm not sure they'd like our sometimes hot days in summer.’


Modern Latin, either from Greek akhaimenis, denoting a different plant (euphorbia), or from a- not + kheimanein expose to the cold.