Definition of achievable in English:



  • Able to be brought about or reached successfully.

    ‘it was an ambitious goal, but it seemed achievable’
    ‘he broke the climb into small, achievable stages’
    • ‘Reaching achievable goals allows you to set new ones.’
    • ‘Admittedly a difficult task, advancements in materials technology make it increasingly more achievable.’
    • ‘He makes such harmony feel achievable, a matter of balancing strength against humility.’
    • ‘The key is to make small, achievable changes.’
    • ‘In the current climate, we need to focus attention on achievable yet significant tax reforms.’
    • ‘Public money was wasted on schemes that were neither necessary nor achievable.’
    • ‘Make sure each step is challenging but achievable, and that you have a complete plan of action.’
    • ‘Regulations set achievable levels of drinking water quality to protect health.’
    • ‘Here's something you can do to help you understand how to turn your wishes into achievable goals.’
    • ‘It has been shown to inhibit proliferation of breast cancer cells at concentrations achievable through oral supplementation.’