Definition of acetamide in English:



  • [mass noun] The amide of acetic acid, a crystalline solid with a characteristic musty odour.

    • ‘The acetamidase enzyme encoded by the amdS gene allows growth on acetamide as a carbon and/or nitrogen source by producing ammonium and acetate.’
    • ‘Amplification reactions were performed with 50-100 ng of total genomic DNA under standard conditions both in the presence and in the absence of 5% - 6% acetamide (final concentration).’
    • ‘Despite the growing use of tetramethylrhodamine maleimide / acetamide modified actins, their polymerization properties have not been described yet.’
    • ‘For example, Lasso and Arena are registered trade names, alachlor is the common name, and 2-chloro-N - (2,6-diethylphenyl) N - acetamide is the chemical name for a herbicide used in corn and soybeans.’
    • ‘If acetamide herbicides are used, grain sorghum seed must be pre-treated with a safener that protects it from injury caused by the acetamide herbicides.’
    • ‘With N-acetylgalactosamine, the acetamide group on the galactose ring can bring one more hydrogen bond, which can contribute to the enthalpy of the reaction and affinity values, and then titration was possible.’


Mid 19th century: from acetyl + amide.