Definition of acellular in English:



  • 1Not consisting of, divided into, or containing cells.

    • ‘‘Autoxidation’, the authors comment, ‘is a serious problem that limits the storage time for acellular hemoglobin-based blood substitutes.’’
    • ‘Both the endo- and exoskeleton is made up of true bone with cell spaces (the heterostracans have acellular bone).’
    • ‘In several areas of Zone III, Sharpey's fibers are common between small vascular canals in a tissue complex that can be either cellular or acellular.’
    • ‘The tumor cells were arranged in nests, with adjacent acellular myxoid areas.’
    • ‘Even their dermal plates were made up of acellular aspidine and dentine, requiring little metabolic investment beyond the initial cost of construction.’
    • ‘This isolate contains an internal acellular compartment containing filaments linking the cells.’
    • ‘One factor that isn't mentioned explicitly in the article is the use since 1996 of the acellular pertussis vaccine instead of the whole cell vaccine.’
    • ‘Similarly, this study does not cast doubt on the use of DPT vaccine in developed countries, where child mortality is low and acellular pertussis vaccine is used rather than the old whole cell vaccine.’
    • ‘The bone tissue of well-preserved individuals reveals some regions that are acellular adjacent to areas that are highly cellular, and other areas where masses of Sharpey's fibers are adjacent to areas where none exist.’
    • ‘Histopathologic examination of the biopsy tissue showed a granular, relatively acellular material filling the alveolar spaces diffusely.’
    • ‘Besides being segmented, the body wall of annelids is characterized by being made up of both circular and longitudinal muscle fibers surrounded by a moist, acellular cuticle that is secreted by an epidermal epithelium.’
    • ‘Hexavalent vaccines such as diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis vaccine, hepatitis B virus vaccine, IPV, and Hib are being developed.’
    • ‘Possibly because the anti-vaccine movement was successful in getting us to switch to the less effective acellular version of the vaccine, and partly because vaccine resistant strains are evolving.’
    • ‘Current research suggests that, during the final stages of wound healing, myofibroblasts, again, generally identified by [alpha] smooth muscle actin expression, die through apoptosis to leave an acellular scar.’
    • ‘Seven acellular gels were prepared as described above, but allowed to set for 30 min (to achieve stronger attachment to the plastic bars necessary for mechanical testing).’
    • ‘In 1996, the NVIC realized a major goal when the FDA licensed an improved pertussis vaccine known as the acellular pertussis vaccine.’
    • ‘Briefly, a cell volume distribution was obtained and gates were set to select for counting only intact cells excluding acellular debris.’
    • ‘Fine-needle aspiration cytology is mostly inconclusive because the tumor is composed of acellular and hypercellular portions.’
    • ‘Microscopic examination revealed nests and cords of clear cells separated by a fibrous and acellular mucoid stroma.’
    • ‘The controversy over the Pertussis vaccine resulted in the development of a weaker acellular vaccine (not containing whole cells of the pathogen), which is being introduced into many western countries.’
    1. 1.1 (especially of protozoa) consisting of one cell only.