Definition of accuser in English:



  • A person who claims that someone has committed an offence or done something wrong:

    ‘I dislike any law that puts the burden of proof on the accused rather than the accuser’
    ‘Hero faints before her three accusers leave’
    • ‘Nearly more than half the town's children vanished, including every one of the accusers.’
    • ‘They are accused of the act, lectured to, and forced to acknowledge the moral superiority of the accusers.’
    • ‘One of the basic rights has been the right to face one's accuser.’
    • ‘He provides incontrovertible proof of his ability to defy his accusers.’
    • ‘The accused country has to prove its innocence, the accuser has to prove nothing.’
    • ‘The need for an enemy overwhelms even the accuser's self-interest.’
    • ‘I was shaking now with rage, both at myself and at the accuser.’
    • ‘His counsel establishes through cross-examination of the accuser that the stolen animal is a horse, not a mare.’
    • ‘In any civilized court, the decision lies with the accuser to prove that a person did what they say they did.’
    • ‘Guilty, he poured the remains of the bottle over his accuser.’