Definition of accumbent in English:



  • (of a cotyledon) lying edgeways against the folded radicle in the seed.

    • ‘However, it has broadly expanded and sometimes minutely denticulate bases of the median staminal filaments, distinctly 2-lobed stigmas, accumbent cotyledons, white flowers with purplish petal claws, and strongly divided leaves.’
    • ‘Although the cotyledons were correctly illustrated as incumbent, they were described as accumbent.’
    • ‘Light blue to chartreuse, adaxially (upper leaf surface) glabrous or scarcely, with appressed hairs, abaxially (lower leaf surface) with densely accumbent, minimally spiky, silky hairs.’
    • ‘However, Chrysobraya differs from Lepidostemon in having cotyledons incumbent instead of accumbent and staminal filaments toothless and wingless instead of winged and toothed.’
    • ‘Cotyledon arrangement (for examples see full document) is incumbent and sometimes oblique or accumbent and sometimes oblique.’


Early 19th century: from Latin accumbent- ‘reclining’, from accumbere, from ad- ‘to’ + a verb related to cubare ‘to lie’.