Definition of accrual in English:



  • See accrue

    • ‘For the economy, this means among other things, negative effects on earnings, employment and revenue accruals to the treasury.’
    • ‘An importance is placed on the accrual of specific ‘facts’ and ‘knowledge’.’
    • ‘Effective May 31, 2003, the plan has been frozen, and is therefore closed to further benefit accrual or new participants.’
    • ‘How has accrual contributed to improving the decision-making processes of politicians, managers, and citizens of the countries in which it has been implemented?’
    • ‘Defined benefit plans need to evolve to the Internet age with frequent access to benefit accruals and projections.’
    • ‘The thoughtful accrual of knowledge isn't possible when events unexpectedly jump the tracks.’
    • ‘Both provide frequency of accrual, which is critical to sustaining program interest.’
    • ‘As annual leave accruals are an increasing liability, more employers are attempting to maintain their employees' annual leave credits to a manageable level.’
    • ‘The difference between his figure and the published figures in the Pentagon budget ‘is primarily due to accruals for military health benefits legislated in 2000’.’
    • ‘To avoid this accrual, the taxpayer can pay the disputed tax and file a refund claim, preventing interest from accruing if the taxpayer loses.’
    • ‘Compensation of employees is the sum of wage and salary accruals, employer contributions for government social insurance, and other labor income.’
    • ‘But how do inequality and the accrual of wealth in themselves affect or result from the trade and current-account deficit?’
    • ‘Missing July 1, 2002, accrual rows were created and existing accruals for the same date that were incorrect have been corrected.’
    • ‘On March 31, 2004, the firm had a bank overdraft of more than €303,000 and trade creditors and accruals totalling €362,236.’
    • ‘Therefore, delaying audits generally will not result in the additional accrual of interest.’
    • ‘Investment bankers fear that with no possibility of IPOs scene perking up in near future, the fee accrual on this account will be minimal.’
    • ‘We were talking about some bonus accruals again that he was not paying attention to, and of course I did shout.’
    • ‘The traditional systems were based on cash accounting, not on accruals and depreciation.’
    • ‘The employer also must keep records of all CTO accrual and use.’
    • ‘He tracked his pension accruals carefully, and, in the fall of 2002, when the tech-stock fueled boom had clearly ended, he wanted to get that money out of his retirement account and into his pocket.’