Definition of accounts receivable in English:

accounts receivable

plural noun

  • Money owed to a company by its debtors.

    • ‘For instance, he says, he fought ‘tooth and nail’ when the company wanted to eliminate accounts receivable and require that customers use credit cards.’
    • ‘We also have online access to accounts receivable information worldwide, updated weekly.’
    • ‘In thinking about the company she wanted to build, she realized she wasn't comfortable with holding accounts receivable, so she decided she'd sell to consumers, receiving payment in advance of shipping.’
    • ‘Getting paid can be a nightmare for any business, but dealing with accounts receivable can be particularly harsh for sole proprietors.’
    • ‘In a footnote, Georgia-Pacific reveals that it borrowed $1.35 billion against accounts receivable - an amount included in the short-term debt on its balance sheet.’
    • ‘Should the owner die, the business enterprise terminates, leaving only the assets of the business such as, equipment, accounts receivable, and real property.’
    • ‘The flow of accounts receivable is the lifeblood of every business, and turning the accounts receivable into cash is critical for reducing working capital requirements.’
    • ‘Everything from accounts receivable to payroll to tax-return preparation was done by those bureaus because we couldn't afford our own computers.’
    • ‘So even though the cost to the employer goes down and the employee saves money through smaller health-insurance premiums, the accounts receivable of the health-care providers goes up.’
    • ‘Unsecured creditors - many of them small companies for whom these accounts receivable are critical - wait, palms upturned, in the queue.’
    • ‘He keeps tabs on his accounts receivable, as well as his inventory-to-sales ratio.’
    • ‘Loan officers must understand the value of accounts receivable in lieu of physical collateral, so as to improve the lending environment for service firms, which will eventually help the growth of service exports.’
    • ‘Another selling point is the company's current $310,000 in accounts receivable (with payables of about $130,000).’
    • ‘She started factoring accounts receivable after establishing a customer base that included such retailers as Nordstrom and Saks.’
    • ‘‘Sales are booked before payments are received’ is the textbook definition of credit sales, which is the basis of accounts receivable.’
    • ‘Another tactic already widespread in most of Europe, but relatively new in Germany, is factoring, in which a business in effect borrows against its accounts receivable.’
    • ‘By tinkering with accounts receivable, he prepared a report showing Canon had earned $6,000 in the U.S. on $3 million in sales.’
    • ‘By improving their accounts receivable and taking control of their debt, they were able to sharply increase their cash flow and get back on track.’
    • ‘Senex Financial, the 65-employee company Neff founded in 1998, buys health-care companies' accounts receivable.’
    • ‘The charging-order protection is critical for businesses with valuable assets, such as real estate, significant accounts receivable, contracts or intellectual property.’


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