Definition of account keeper in English:

account keeper


  • A person who keeps the records of the financial affairs of a business.

    • ‘He is an account keeper and works with numbers all day.’
    • ‘An appropriate job for a grade-school educated person was an account keeper or salesperson in a shop.’
    • ‘The ancestors of Kulkarnis were basically tax collectors and account keepers of royal lands.’
    • ‘Notwithstanding the important insights these studies provide about company accounts, they downplay and often disregard the individual account keeper and personal accounts.’
    • ‘Of those who served as lower level retainers, some might still be educated, serving as business account keepers, scribes and copyists.’
    • ‘Andy develops a reputation as a brilliant account keeper and soon becomes assistant to the Warden.’
    • ‘The government is obliged to designate an account keeper to maintain an accounting sheet of daily expenses for congress.’
    • ‘The only safety for the account keeper is to jot down expenditure as soon as it is made.’
    • ‘In a more perfect world, accountants are number crunchers and account keepers as well as references or advisors in the Board Room.’
    • ‘These accounts provide a richer understanding of the working life of the account keeper and his debtors.’
    office worker, clerical worker, administrator, administrative officer
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