Definition of accordance in English:



  • In a manner conforming with.

    ‘the ballot was held in accordance with trade union rules’
    • ‘The Commission will of course act in accordance with the law as declared by this Court.’
    • ‘The bear was passed to the museum, with a copy of Miss Doherty's note, in accordance with her wishes.’
    • ‘We have sought to act in accordance with the principles we have set out earlier.’
    • ‘People often act in accordance with the images and patterns they find around them.’
    • ‘He could face trouble if it is proved his instructions to the rider were not in accordance with the rules of racing.’
    • ‘The pilots of both aircraft appear to have been acting in accordance with air traffic instructions.’
    • ‘Private law issues must be decided in accordance with the rules of private law.’
    • ‘He would act at all times in accordance with the implied duty of trust and confidence.’
    • ‘In fact it seemed to me that one could go further and say that if he had acted in accordance with a tenable view of the law he had not made a mistake.’
    • ‘The composition of the committee is the same as above, and the voting is in accordance with that in the Council.’
    • ‘It must be carried out in accordance with the plans lodged in the granting of the application.’
    • ‘All military personnel are expected to know and to act in accordance with these principles.’
    • ‘It is assumed that solicitors will intend to act in accordance with their duty.’
    • ‘I try to pay in as much as I can every year in accordance with the rules on how much you can invest relative to your income.’
    • ‘The police in all three cases were acting in accordance with a policy not to knock before entry.’
    • ‘Part of the deck was required to be removed in accordance with building regulations.’
    • ‘One way to determine this is to build a scale model in accordance with all the specifications.’
    • ‘Equally, we do not doubt that prosecuting counsel would have acted in accordance with their duty.’
    • ‘State leaders should act in accordance with the dictates of political wisdom.’
    • ‘Written notice has to be served in accordance with the rules or the sum is simply not recoverable.’
    in agreement with, in conformity with, in line with, commensurate with, in compliance with, true to, in fulfilment of, in obedience to, in the spirit of, following, honouring, heeding, observing
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Middle English: from Old French acordance, from acorder bring to an agreement (see accord).