Definition of accomplishment in English:



  • 1Something that has been achieved successfully.

    ‘the reduction of inflation was a remarkable accomplishment’
    • ‘This represents a remarkable accomplishment for one individual and his family.’
    • ‘‘To be named second best in worldwide competition is a tremendous accomplishment,’ Donahue said.’
    • ‘Certifying the Gordon Cosen's Forest, a five-million acre public land, is a remarkable accomplishment, but it is just the beginning.’
    • ‘Mick Jagger once said that John's ambition was simple: to become the most famous person on the planet, an accomplishment he pretty well achieved.’
    • ‘Dmitri Mendeleev's discovery of the periodic law in the late 1860s was a remarkable accomplishment.’
    • ‘Roethlisberger has gone almost his entire rookie season without hearing a hint of criticism, a remarkable accomplishment for a starting quarterback.’
    • ‘Against its own standards, it is a remarkable accomplishment.’
    • ‘By Moscow's account, the early years of the project were an accomplishment.’
    • ‘That said, Rowson's is a remarkable accomplishment, because the psychological causes are so numerous, varied, and subtle.’
    • ‘Congratulations to the club's Katie Walsh, who has recorded the remarkable accomplishment of winning ten All Ireland junior titles.’
    • ‘This is a remarkable accomplishment, yet Cordes seems really modest and down-to-earth about it all.’
    • ‘McPhillips, 26, achieved an amazing accomplishment by securing both titles today.’
    • ‘These are great accomplishments, achieved by peaceful consensus, something unprecedented in history.’
    • ‘Umberto D appears as a remarkable accomplishment today, a film that evokes our sympathy for its protagonist without sentimentality.’
    • ‘It was a remarkable accomplishment, but it destroyed the brand's aura of exclusivity.’
    • ‘That is a remarkable accomplishment for a volume this small.’
    • ‘For a guy who stands 5-foot - 5 and weighs 135 pounds, that is truly a remarkable accomplishment.’
    • ‘It is a remarkable accomplishment, relating in cartoon form a hymn to ordinary people.’
    • ‘It is a remarkable accomplishment on many levels.’
    • ‘Within three seasons, Mariucci had guided the 49ers to the playoffs, a remarkable accomplishment.’
    • ‘As a professional basketball player, he achieved the highest accomplishment in the history of the sport.’
    • ‘His fellow coaches recognized what a remarkable accomplishment it is to keep winning despite the loss of your team's most important player.’
    achievement, act, deed, exercise, exploit, performance, attainment, effort, feat, manoeuvre, operation, move, stunt, stratagem, coup, master stroke, stroke of genius, triumph
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    1. 1.1mass noun The successful achievement of a task.
      ‘the accomplishment of planned objectives’
      • ‘Mechanical imagery assumes that organizations exist as instruments for task accomplishment.’
      • ‘Unless you're a Zen monk or similar there's no high art in the smooth accomplishment of routine chores but it's a sour individual who doesn't experience some pleasure in the feeling of a job well done.’
      • ‘An additional approach would be to encourage private civic organizations that facilitate translation in the accomplishment of their mission.’
      • ‘What are the chances that any personal risk factors will affect the safe and successful accomplishment of the task or activity?’
      • ‘The accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor takes hard work and over coming of many hurdles.’
      • ‘The followers look to the leader for encouragement, strength and the promise of successful accomplishment of the mission.’
      • ‘This supply system functioned well throughout the Civil War and was instrumental in its successful accomplishment.’
      • ‘The focus on learning is group accomplishment of tasks, with individual contributions sent to the teacher and the student.’
      • ‘Successful accomplishment of the Air Force mission will require a large portfolio of joint technology development efforts.’
      • ‘The trend is towards a rigorous understanding of air defense, missile and space systems, and their relationship to the accomplishment of the joint mission.’
      • ‘As airmen, successful mission accomplishment is our job, and receiving TACON for a mission is both a duty and an honor.’
      • ‘Like any job, repeated accomplishment of any task simultaneously raises confidence and comfort.’
      • ‘To accomplish this task, doctrine would clearly lay out who is responsible for accomplishment of the separate tasks involved with each of these functions.’
      • ‘Goss defines military effectiveness as the fulfillment of assigned missions and the accomplishment of political objectives.’
      • ‘It is also manifest in the successful accomplishment of functions that allow the system to interact with its environment while maintaining its own integrity.’
      • ‘CMO have become just as crucial to mission accomplishment and execution as traditional combat operations.’
      • ‘Facilitators must relate performance to accomplishment of training objectives.’
      • ‘I want each of you to understand that mission accomplishment means both war-fighting effectiveness and resourcefulness.’
      • ‘These speculations were rife among us; yet not the less we proceeded in our daily occupations, and our plans, whose accomplishment demanded the lapse of many years.’
      • ‘Significant variations above or below the critical value can prevent the successful accomplishment of a mission.’
      • ‘The policy of making only a perfunctory effort or symbolic gesture toward the accomplishment of a goal, such as racial integration.’
      • ‘Without the successful accomplishment of its mission, it is unlikely that either the Marines or the men of Task Force Dog would have survived to fight another day’
      • ‘They have found it to be necessary for the accomplishment of developmental tasks and critical for cognitive and emotional growth.’
      attainment, reaching, gaining, winning, acquirement, procurement
      attainment, feat, performance, undertaking, act, action, deed, effort, exploit, manoeuvre, operation, enterprise
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    2. 1.2 An activity that a person can do well.
      ‘long-distance running was another of her accomplishments’
      • ‘Clearly, Marlowe had a temper to match his scholarly and artistic accomplishments.’
      • ‘This is not to say that you have to clam up totally about your accomplishments - no way!’
      • ‘His creative accomplishments were so many that I could only touch on some of them.’
      • ‘Is there a way in which the accomplishments of these players can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt?’
      • ‘Playing is her superb accomplishment, not her mission.’
      • ‘You must showcase your accomplishments, how you achieved them, and your next steps.’
      • ‘His accomplishments contradict his humble beginnings in Bow.’
      • ‘Her work and accomplishments have led to numerous honors, dance awards, grants, and fellowships.’
      • ‘Life was no longer about relying on faults, but displaying our accomplishments.’
    3. 1.3mass noun Skill or ability in an activity.
      ‘a poet of considerable accomplishment’
      • ‘It's a community more than a suburb and it's a most fitting setting for Rosemary Woodford Ganf, an artist of style, experience and accomplishment.’
      • ‘Presumably, your boss wouldn't be where he is without some measure of ability and accomplishment.’
      • ‘You'll remember his strength, courage, dignity, competitive fire and accomplishment.’
      • ‘There has been considerable debate among feminist scholars concerning how to assess the values associated with genius and artistic accomplishment.’
      • ‘Shake Keane's was a rich and varied artistic life, with high levels of accomplishment in both literature and music.’
      • ‘Nero fancied himself an artist of some accomplishment.’
      • ‘Imagine a warrior society in which only martial prowess and accomplishment confer status and reward.’
      • ‘In the midst of his engagement with the concerns of the community, he gave attention to the mastery of physical skills and literary accomplishment.’
      • ‘He's a man of extraordinary accomplishment and ability.’
      • ‘Bly is a native Minnesotan and the roster of Minnesota poets of any accomplishment is not long.’
      • ‘Why would someone who is caught up in prestige want to work at a University where connections count for more than accomplishment or ability?’
      • ‘This is true even among artists of considerable accomplishment.’
      • ‘He was, in spite of all his genius and accomplishment, a troubled man seeking his own truth.’
      • ‘In Communist Eastern Europe, state subsidies led to work of great technical accomplishment and artistic sophistication.’
      • ‘The right model for the teacher unions is the medieval craftsman guilds, the hallmarks of which were professional ability and demonstrated accomplishment.’
      • ‘The outcome has been a style of flair and high technical accomplishment.’
      • ‘In a few cases his rhythms are a bit stiff-jointed, but one undeniable sign of accomplishment is his knack for the killer ending.’
      • ‘Young soldiers respect a soldier wearing the EIB as a man of accomplishment and skill.’
      • ‘Exactly the kind of game you'd expect with the man who leads his profession in accomplishment and acrimony.’
      • ‘His accomplishment is considerable, making him one of the very few artists whose work cuts across all the lines of contention that characterized his times.’
      ability, talent, skill, gift, attainment, achievement, aptitude, faculty, capability, proficiency, forte, knack
      expertise, skill, skilfulness, expertness, adeptness, adroitness, deftness, dexterity, ability, prowess, mastery, achievement, competence, competency, capability, proficiency, efficiency, aptitude, artistry, art, finesse, flair, virtuosity, experience, professionalism, talent, cleverness, smartness, ingenuity, versatility
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