Definition of accommodation ladder in English:

accommodation ladder


  • A ladder or flight of steps up the side of a ship allowing access from a small boat or a quayside.

    • ‘These connecting bars do however not strengthen the torsional resistance of the accommodation ladder.’
    • ‘The purpose of this notice is to draw attention to the need to inspect and maintain ships accommodation ladders in order to ensure that a safe working environment is maintained.’
    • ‘Two Darnell crewmembers who were trying to get aboard reached for the accommodation ladder when a surge in the choppy waters caused the two to fall into the rough seas.’
    • ‘The construction of the accommodation ladder did not conform to the vessel's drawings or specifications.’
    • ‘Stowing systems can utilize both of our standard ranges of accommodation ladders or can be designed to suit an existing ladder.’
    • ‘For ease of handling, most accommodation ladders in the Navy today are made of aluminum. 1.’
    • ‘In short order, a team of Sailors led by Kafka retrieved a heavy steel accommodation ladder from the port side.’
    • ‘One of the survivors, shortly after coming up the accommodation ladder dripping wet, grabbed me (the nearest sailor), hugged me as tightly as his strength would allow, and could only murmur ‘thank you’ through sobs of joy.’
    • ‘Entitled ‘Required Boarding Arrangements for Pilot’, the poster shows graphically how the pilot ladder and accommodation ladder must be rigged.’
    • ‘Treads and steps of the accommodation ladder should be so designed that an adequate and safe foothold is given at the operative angles.’
    • ‘To extend 6 feet beyond the ends of the means of access if there is an accommodation ladder or gangplank hung parallel with the ship's side.’
    • ‘All of the companies standard ranges of ships access equipment, accommodation ladders and gangways are all approved by the major classification societies and regulatory bodies.’
    • ‘By 1636, the accommodation ladder was lowered on the dock, and shortly thereafter officials, media, and hungry longshoremen started coming aboard.’
    • ‘Most of these incidents have arisen due to improperly rigged gangways, accommodation ladders or ladders and have occurred in the immediate vicinity of the ship to shore access area.’
    • ‘Positioning of Access Equipment The angles of inclination of a gangway or accommodation ladder should be kept within the limits of which it was designed.’