Definition of accommodation house in English:

accommodation house


NZ, Australian
  • A simple hotel or guest house, particularly one in a rural area.

    ‘fire officers inspected two budget accommodation houses in order to prevent another backpacker tragedy’
    • ‘The funds were to be used for the building of public accommodation houses and the supply of well water to travellers and their stock.’
    • ‘In one case the guy's accommodation house burned (claiming lives) while he was in the cells.’
    • ‘They continued on to their respective accommodation houses, rather than going back to town.’
    • ‘They are currently negotiating with surrounding accommodation houses in an attempt to provide additional capacity for the conference.’
    • ‘It was getting dark, so we stopped at the accommodation house at the Okarito Forks.’
    • ‘Police were checking an accommodation house for clues.’
    • ‘The property, which is a temporary accommodation house from the Migrant Resources Centre, will be under fire watch overnight.’
    • ‘The big house became an accommodation house, named after the leader of the original Canterbury settlement.’
    • ‘A proprietor, in this context, is any person by whom or on whose behalf the business of an accommodation house is carried on.’
    • ‘The Summit Climb includes climbing the peak from the accommodation houses on each side of the mountain.’