Definition of acclimatization society in English:

acclimatization society


NZ, Australian
  • An organization promoting the introduction of exotic flora and fauna into the wild.

    ‘he encouraged the formation of acclimatization societies and established preserves for native New Zealand birds’
    • ‘In his study of pests in Australia, They All Ran Wild (1969), Eric Rolls claimed ' there was never a body of eminent men so foolishly, so vigorously, and so disastrously wrong ' as the members of acclimatisation societies.’
    • ‘Acclimatisation societies were established in several Australian colonies in the mid-nineteenth century to colonise the indigenous Australian environment with exotic flora and fauna.’
    • ‘The large public reserves had a similar purpose to acclimatisation societies, that of improving nature.’
    • ‘Red deer were among a number of species introduced to British colonies like New Zealand in the 19 th century by "acclimatization societies."’
    • ‘His leading interest came to be the Acclimatization Society for the introduction of foreign plants and animals.’
    • ‘The trout were brought here by the acclimatisation societies and managed and funded by license fees.’
    • ‘Dion crafted a second nonfunctional facade for The American Acclimatization Society as the gateway to his exhibition "Nature Bureaucracies" at American Fine Arts.’
    • ‘I find myself reflecting on the fact that there are 200 million starlings in this country, all descended from a few dozen birds released in 1890 by the American Acclimatization Society, which was devoted to introducing European species to America.’
    • ‘A meeting of the Stranded Scientists Club was convened at the Darwin Mountains Acclimatization Society Clubrooms.’
    • ‘What were known as "acclimatization societies" sprang up in every region.’