Definition of acclimatization in English:


(British acclimatisation)


  • See acclimatize

    • ‘For the Himalayan expedition, trekkers would have to spend a day for acclimatisation and orientation.’
    • ‘Rather than go on liver-challenging benders as a means of social acclimatization to their new academic environment, new McGill students are instead invited to three days with the rad crowd starting August 29.’
    • ‘Day one would be set aside for reporting at the base camp, and on the second day participants will have a session on acclimatisation and orientation.’
    • ‘Sometimes, the sheer volume of data can present problems with the management of the information at hand, and, again, a period of acclimatization may be required.’
    • ‘I think it's also because the process of acclimatization, of generating red blood cells, is very hormonal.’
    • ‘Settle in for three days and nights of acclimatization, psyching up for the 12-hour round-trip summit day.’
    • ‘They will fly to Las Vegas on July 8, pick up a rented vehicle and drive to Death Valley for a few days of acclimatization.’
    • ‘Most of his gear got stuck in the Vienna airport; when he got to Dhaulagiri to begin his acclimatization on September 26, he realized he had not brought enough food.’
    • ‘This is followed by an extended period of acclimatization as they adjust to their changed way of life.’
    • ‘A couple of days of initial acclimatization is essential in order to get accustomed to the extraordinarily thin air that leaves you breathless and dizzy even after basic physical activity.’
    • ‘He was clearly suffering from inadequate acclimatization, couldn't catch his breath, and thus couldn't keep up.’
    • ‘The second day would be acclimatisation and orientation.’
    • ‘Environmental factors such as nutrition, fitness and hydration are obviously critical to acclimatization.’
    • ‘Above 7,000 feet, dehydration increases, so Tom stayed off the booze, which slows acclimatization.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the sensitivity can be modulated and there is good evidence that Phaseolus can undergo substantial hardening or acclimatization to low temperatures.’
    • ‘There is an excellent discussion of temperature adaptations and acclimatization with several very good illustrations.’
    • ‘After a brief overnight stop in Lima they flew into Cusco for a period of acclimatization.’
    • ‘If it's not possible to train at altitude at least two weeks prior to your trip or event, finding a way to sleep at altitude (any cabins for rent in the mountains near your hometown?) will also speed acclimatization.’
    • ‘She had absolutely no experience with any kind of normal human interactions and would require a little time for adjustment and acclimatization.’
    • ‘To conquer this peak one has to climb on rock and ice. A high level of technical skill, physical fitness and acclimatization is required.’
    adjustment, adaptation, attunement, accommodation, habituation, familiarization, acclimation, acculturation, inurement, hardening, seasoning, conditioning
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