Definition of accidents will happen in the best regulated families in English:

accidents will happen in the best regulated families


  • However careful you try to be, it is inevitable that some unfortunate or unforeseen events will occur.

    ‘problems like these should not occur, but accidents will happen’
    • ‘When you are the world's policeman, accidents will happen.’
    • ‘Although accidents will happen, only we, the road users, can reduce them.’
    • ‘Sometimes these things just happen as not even one method of contraception is 100% reliable, so accidents will happen, unfortunately!’
    • ‘Yes, we regret the loss of four lives, but throughout the history of war, accidents will happen, innocents will be killed.’
    • ‘As per the Rule - 101 in the kid book, accidents will happen.’
    • ‘‘They have a structured training system but, at the end of the day, any training system run by human beings is subject to accidents, and accidents will happen,’ said Mr Brownson.’
    • ‘To have exchanged phone numbers and words would have been expected and if, as a result, Cole had ended up playing for Chelsea - well, accidents will happen.’