Definition of accident compensation in English:

accident compensation


mass nounNZ
  • A compensation scheme for workplace injuries, funded by statutory contributions from employers and employees.

    ‘they have renationalised accident compensation to protect those who need it’
    as modifier ‘it was easy for people to evade paying their accident compensation levy’
    • ‘There is a commitment to public supply (and, usually, public funding) of education, health services and accident compensation.’
    • ‘Accident compensation is meant to be a "no-fault, no-blame" structure.’
    • ‘It doesn't apply in New Zealand because we've got Accident Compensation so you can't sue somebody for hurting or killing you.’
    • ‘There are several barriers to placing an accident compensation levy on such fuels.’
    • ‘I wonder whether employers will be able to get accident compensation for stress-related work incidents.’
    • ‘The motorist is paying plenty to run his or her motorcar and to be covered by accident compensation.’
    • ‘The Government has a responsibility to assess the companies to provide safety and so does the Department of Labour and probably the Accident Compensation Commission.’
    • ‘I am concerned at the potential cost implications for accident compensation.’
    • ‘His GP put him off work but the Accident Compensation Corporation refused to pay weekly compensation.’
    • ‘In the last 5 years, the Labour government has nationalized our airline, the railways and accident compensation insurance and established a massive state superannuation fund.’