Definition of accessorize in English:


(also accessorise)


  • Decorate or augment (something, especially a garment) with a fashion accessory.

    ‘sequinned catsuits were accessorized with cork-heeled shoes’
    • ‘Of course, each design came down the runway accessorized with gold jewellery, be it a necklace, bracelet, earring or armband.’
    • ‘Chair Pat Breen, who hails from Ireland, accessorized her Chanel ensemble by tying a shamrock scarf to her handbag.’
    • ‘Girls in flip flops, denim, and tank tops accessorized with ribbon-edged tulle, their enthusiasm contagious, and I swear, for the first time in what felt like a year, I smiled.’
    • ‘I don't like jewelry or make up, but I loved buying chains that accessorize my clothing.’
    • ‘And no, you can't accessorize a business suit with a lightsaber.’
    • ‘The three sisters will accessorise their outfits with hats from Browns of York.’
    • ‘Seams are double-stitched in gold, lacquered moccasins complete a draping wool evening gown, a jet-black handbag accessorizes a cool wool suit.’
    • ‘Sitting on the white leather couch in a black trench coat, and a royal purple sweater accessorized with black pants and a leather cuff bracelet.’
    • ‘There were also elements of sharp tailoring, accessorised with traditional silk foulard snaffle scarves, cashmere striped sweaters and plenty of bling with gilt accessories.’
    • ‘In fact, Steele paid homage to Albini's obsession with the '20s, Ella Fitzgerald and languid elegance in the superbly chic ensembles accessorized at all times with billowy head wraps worthy of a Great Gatsby character.’
    • ‘It will not be hard to find a great shirt with lace on the top and accessorize it with matching earrings, necklaces, scarves or handbags.’
    • ‘They had never been close to their parents - it was difficult to be, when parents were constantly surrounded by other parents, by other adults in tailored clothes carefully accessorized with gold jewelry and bright smiles.’
    • ‘He was wearing black sweatpants with a green stripe, nicely accessorized with a well worn green Eagles baseball hat and a black t-shirt and sneaks.’
    • ‘Costumes accessorized with neon purple feathers and cloth of gold seemed more suitable for Caesar's Palace than for a king's.’
    • ‘Depending on the occasion, you can accessorize your tuxedo with a hat and a four-piece stud set.’
    • ‘And Gonsal is surprised how many crisp suits are accessorized with poorly maintained shoes.’
    • ‘For that added extra oomph, she accessorized the collection with white shell bangles, necklaces and sea-themed sandals and heels.’
    • ‘She also begged her to accessorize it with a colored scarf.’
    • ‘Delhi is a city of contradictions, where the cool of the Connaught Place shopping area is populated with modern Indian women who accessorise traditional saris with Jackie O shades and Gucci handbags.’
    • ‘Special attention must be paid to the spectacular organic jewellery that accessorized her designs.’
    • ‘They revealed their veteran status by accessorising tuxedos and bow ties with sturdy cargo pants, wellies and baseball caps.’
    • ‘The outfits are accessorised with Emporio Armani sunglasses and watches, belts, shoes and underwear and there is also a suitbag, wash bag and trolley suitcase.’
    • ‘The wacky electric-blue wigs my stepmother decided we should all wear for Christmas dinner weren't quite how I had planned to accessorise my Alexander McQueen tweed.’
    • ‘I took a quick shower and slipped on my outfit, accessorising with a few silver bangles and a pair of teardrop earrings.’
    • ‘Don't wear a tie bar, unless you are going to accessorize it with a plastic pocket protector.’
    • ‘In the year before her death, the Princess favoured startling Versace mini-dresses accessorised with big jewels and eye-catching handbags.’
    • ‘Her long auburn hair is topped with a safety orange cap and her fashion of choice is camouflage clothing, accessorized with a safety orange vest.’
    • ‘Fashion plate Nicole Kidman has been known to accessorize her gorgeous gowns with glasses for reading at the awards podiums.’
    • ‘I never considered a handbag to be a way to accessorise my outfit - my main criteria for handbag selection were that the bag should be black, preferably not leather, big enough to carry a few books.’
    • ‘He was wearing another skintight shirt with red jeans, this time accessorized with purple hued sunglasses.’
    • ‘Soon trucker hats were appearing throughout trendy coastal neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope and Portrero Hill, often accessorized with chain wallets and ‘wife beater’ t-shirts.’
    • ‘The signature cut is skin-tight to the nth degree and accessorized with minimal ruching detailing, Swarovski crystals, bias ruffles, lacing, and fur.’
    • ‘She accessorized the dress with long turquoise beads and classy black heels.’
    • ‘‘Yo,’ says the host, a wannabe rapper named Ali G who wears a tracksuit accessorized with wraparound sunglasses, a Tommy Hilfiger skullcap, and massive amounts of gold jewelry.’
    • ‘Simple chic Chanel outfits accessorized with gold chained jewelry, that perfectly complements the black and white.’
    • ‘Let us also not overlook the high argyle golfing socks and the kimono swatches, or those plaid bloomers, accessorized with decaled skateboards and plastic see-through lunch boxes.’
    • ‘Another outstanding design from the collection was her dark burgundy velvet dress accessorised with a narrow apple green leather belt wrapped over the shoulders and around the waist in an empire fashion.’
    • ‘Her dark green dress is accessorized with a simple black velvet choker around her neck, black open-toe high heels, and a black hand bag.’
    • ‘I've got this kind of nice 50s-style dress I'm working on accessorizing with white shoes, hat, gloves, and a string of fake pearls; it needs the perfect belt.’
    • ‘Not only are they bolder and brighter than ever before, they're also accessorizing chic, even elegant outfits, no longer restricted to jeans, shorts and jogging suits.’
    complement, supplement, add to, augment
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