Definition of accessibility in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality of being able to be reached or entered.

    ‘the restoration project involved repairing the roof and improving accessibility’
    • ‘It provides a range of support services, including general health and safety, accessibility, and fire planning.’
    • ‘He also indicated that plans were underway to improve public transit and road accessibility to the airport.’
    • ‘Another advantage of the hospital is its accessibility and convenience for many veterans who walk or take the subway or buses.’
    • ‘We bring customers in by promising great service, state-of-the-art technology, and easy accessibility to our warehouse.’
    • ‘The campaign will fund more than 4,000 square feet of new exhibition space and an elevator for increased accessibility.’
    • ‘He demonstrated the accessibility of lakes Nyasa and Tanganyika.’
    • ‘We focus on issues that address the needs of bus users, such as bus stop accessibility and the comfort and safety of buses.’
    • ‘We have a plan for improved accessibility in and around Lower Manhattan.’
    • ‘Reliable and affordable public transport determines accessibility to both employment and housing.’
    • ‘They maintain and enhance physical accessibility of campus facilities.’
    ease of access, availability, approachability, obtainability
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    1. 1.1 The quality of being easy to obtain or use.
      ‘students were concerned about the accessibility of quality academic counselling’
      • ‘With new operating systems introduced every few years, the accessibility of e-books can be transient.’
      • ‘The easy accessibility of information on the Internet has made encyclopedias far less useful.’
      • ‘The field of astronomy is enriched by the accessibility of several high-caliber airborne telescopes.’
      • ‘More methodical indexing would improve accessibility of the case studies.’
      • ‘The potential collector base is quite large due to the accessibility of photographs.’
      • ‘It is obvious that this software will be more restricted in terms of its accessibility to the database servers.’
      • ‘A major national supplier announced it would stop selling ammonium nitrate as its easy accessibility questioned local safety.’
      • ‘Its easily removed side panel, removable drive cage, and general accessibility make it hard to beat.’
      • ‘There's more accessibility to drugs, and it's creeping into our community.’
      • ‘Growth in its e-commerce capabilities is expected to revolutionize the accessibility of banking services.’
    2. 1.2 The quality of being easily understood or appreciated.
      ‘the accessibility of his work helped to popularize modern art’
      comprehensibility, intelligibility, understandability, penetrability, approachability
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    3. 1.3 The quality of being easily reached, entered, or used by people who have a disability.
      ‘many architects believe that accommodating wheelchairs is all there is to providing accessibility’
      • ‘We are currently exploring the improvement of IT accessibility for disabled people.’
      • ‘The board gave the city until December 1 to fix problems with the library's accessibility to people with disabilities.’
      • ‘If ramps are built for handicap accessibility, and no one uses the ramps, then it's a waste.’
      • ‘Accessibility for disabled users and accessibility for diverse methods of browsing the web are connected issues.’
      • ‘Persons with disabilities faced accessibility difficulties at certain polling sites.’
      • ‘Development proposals will be refused unless the facility is relocated to other appropriate premises with equal accessibility.’
      • ‘The state received anonymous complaints about accessibility, relating to the building's ramp and parking spaces.’
      • ‘For existing disabled staff, we have discussed accessibility requirements on an individual basis and agreed on provision of facilities.’
      • ‘This conserves bandwidth and enhances handicap accessibility.’
      • ‘The library is now compliant with federal accessibility standards, incorporating ramps, automatic doors, and an elevator.’