Definition of acceptably in English:



  • See acceptable

    • ‘Once you've established that the car runs acceptably, try all electric functions to make sure they haven't been affected by damp.’
    • ‘The soundtrack sounds reasonably clean, and the dialogue and laugh tracks are acceptably distinct.’
    • ‘But he did not believe driver behaviour could be improved sufficiently to make the junction acceptably safe.’
    • ‘State-of-the-art care usually results in a high degree of successful control of asthma with acceptably safe and reasonably convenient therapy.’
    • ‘I suspect the soup had been put into a cold bowl because it was only lukewarm around the edge, but acceptably hot in the centre.’
    • ‘I started with country vegetable soup, which was creamed and acceptably hot.’
    • ‘The taciturn landlord, never quite friendly, usually acceptably civil and occasionally helpful, must be a type specially bred to run such places.’
    • ‘Interest rates are higher than a conventional mortgage, but acceptably so.’
    • ‘Of course, with assistance and technique, some people with milder forms of dyslexia can overcome many of their difficulties, and function acceptably on their own in many situations.’
    • ‘The science can therefore only progress by building models, which, if acceptably accurate, might predict what will happen.’
    • ‘We are reasonably experienced walkers, acceptably fit and have walked the route several times before.’
    • ‘He is confident if he can get the current high expenses associated with running the fund down, there is no reason why investments shouldn't perform at least acceptably in the future.’
    • ‘Juan is endearingly played by Juan Villegas, a non-professional with the face of a kindly friar, and his story is gently funny and acceptably sentimental.’
    • ‘Thus, while the dialogue is acceptably clear and suitably free of any distortion or noticeable hiss, the overall soundscape is subdued and hollow.’
    • ‘There are no on-off buttons for what you hear on the street, and I find it disturbing that the f-word, in particular, seems to be used acceptably as part of normal conversation.’
    • ‘At work, one project that I thought was nearly done turned out to be working very poorly for the customer concerned, and so will require a lot more effort to get finished acceptably.’
    • ‘But the Hollywood Reporter concluded that ‘even extensive edits had failed to produce an acceptably balanced portrayal.’’
    • ‘The percentage of parks in New York rated acceptably clean and safe by the department rose from 47 percent in 1993 to 86 percent in 2001.’
    • ‘NO WONDER, THEN, that the optimal adventure experience for many enthusiasts is one in which the perceived risk is high but the actual risk is acceptably low.’
    • ‘The restaurant is a respectful distance from the nearby busy intersection, and so noise pollution should be at an acceptably low level.’