Definition of ACCC in English:



  • ‘earlier this month the ACCC ruled that the group is engaged in anti-competitive conduct’
    • ‘But can the ACCC wind up any corporation on any ground it thinks fit?’
    • ‘The author discusses the role of the ACCC in promoting competition policy in Australia.’
    • ‘What are your thoughts on the ACCC's recent ruling against them?’
    • ‘A national regulator largely separate from the ACCC is not especially desirable in my view.’
    • ‘Obviously mistakes have been made over the years by the ACCC.’
    • ‘Essentially the ACCC is involved in national consumer protection issues, mainly where there are instances of misleading or deceptive conduct or product safety.’
    • ‘The ACCC alleged that the company misused its market power, in contravention of section 46 of the Trade Practices Act.’
    • ‘The ACCC's regulatory activities in focusing on those industries where competition is limited are examined.’
    • ‘The ACCC also administers the Prices Surveillance Act.’
    • ‘They have tried to throw the "trial by media" slogan at the ACCC.’