Definition of acarologist in English:



  • See acarology

    • ‘This Entomological Foundation fellowship was established in honor of Joseph H. Camin who was an internationally recognized authority on the systematics and biology of the Acari and the mentor of many aspiring acarologists and entomologists.’
    • ‘The interest of most acarologists in the porose area seems to be restricted to using its size and shape as an auxiliary character for specific diagnosis.’
    • ‘Systematic and Applied Acarology Society - Dedicated to promoting the development of acarology in China and enhancing communication among acarologists in the world.’
    • ‘New material mostly fixed in ethanol is obtained from acarologists, parasitologists and ornithologists for the examination and also from specialists on these taxa on an exchange basis or as a gift.’
    • ‘‘Back then, the acarologists focused on their own group of mites, and seldom collaborated within the discipline,’ he said.’
    • ‘Our acarologists use the tools of molecular biology to characterize genes associated with the secretion of tick salivary gland proteins.’
    • ‘He also contacted, with negative results, several acarologists, in an effort to locate someone interested in working on the Acari of the GSMNP checklist.’
    • ‘It is usually easy to determine that mites are present in large quantities using simple methods, but then one usually has to consult an acarologist to get a proper identification, since this can be a highly demanding task requiring specialist skills.’
    • ‘These collections were assembled by Faculty Affiliate, Dr. Dave E. Walter, University of Queensland,, Australia, a well-known acarologist.’
    • ‘Goff's professional career started at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, where he worked as an acarologist.’
    • ‘The coconut mite was described by the eminent acarologist, Hartford Keifer, in 1965 from specimens collected in Guerrero, Mexico.’
    • ‘‘Although conventional SEMs have been used by acarologists for the past 30 years, Wergin's technique has many advantages,’ says Ochoa.’
    • ‘Desch is an acarologist - that is, a biologist who studies mites - in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology who teaches Introductory Biology for Science Majors at the Hartford campus.’
    • ‘A multidisciplinary group of ecologists, acarologists, and microbiologists at IU and Ball State University (Muncie, IN) are investigating tick-borne microbial communities.’
    • ‘We need to find you an acarologist.’
    • ‘Gerry Baker, the famed acarologist here at MSU, joined us again for the Cross Trip.’
    • ‘University of Queensland mite expert (acarologist), David Walter, has created a mite gallery with scanning EM micrographs and information about amazing creatures that you may not have yet discovered.’
    • ‘He joined CSIRO as an acarologist in 1981, and has pursued a variety of projects in the systematics and biology of mites.’
    • ‘It is headed by renowned acarologist Carl C. Childers, an entomology professor with the University of Florida.’
    • ‘A person who studies mites is an acarologist.’