Definition of acara in English:



  • A small deep-bodied freshwater fish native to Central and South America, having elongated dorsal and anal fins.

    Genera Aequidens and Cichlasoma, family Cichlidae: several species

    • ‘They definitely live with silver dollars, blue acaras, silver sharks, and unicorn cichlids.’
    • ‘The blue acara is an easy fish to care for, and a suitable addition to community tanks of medium to large fish.’
    • ‘There were some blue acaras and some convicts as well as some livebearers.’
    • ‘They do best with oscars, blue acaras, juruparis etc. if they are going to be housed with any other cichlids.’
    • ‘Rams can be quite shy and may be bullied out of space and food when the acaras get bigger.’
    • ‘Like among the blue acaras, firemouth males have more pointed and longer fins than the females.’
    • ‘In the present study we experimentally reduced brood size in the Panamanian acara, Aequidens coeruleopunctatus.’
    • ‘We used the blue acara cichlid as a model diurnal predator species.’
    • ‘Maybe if you wanted to have more fish and movement, you could get some blue acaras?’
    • ‘If kept as a single specimen you can keep them in a species community with other cichlids such as jack dempseys, green terrors, blue acaras, rainbows, etc, etc.’
    • ‘In February 2000 two additional exotic species had become established: the South American blue acara and a potential cross between African Lake Malawi cichlids Labeotropheus sp. and Pseudotropheus zebra.’
    • ‘It was formerly known as Aequidens paraguayensis, A. vittata, and most recently put into the genus Burjuquina like many of the medium body size acaras.’
    • ‘We had a tank with 2 blue acaras, 1 severum and 1 firemouth and had no problems but the texas cic can be very aggressive.’
    • ‘I am interested in eartheaters, acaras, pikes and cichlisomine cichlids.’
    • ‘Well I have given the blue acaras away and didn't take any pics of them spawning to send you.’


From Portuguese acaré, from Tupi.